Master in Sociology


Created in 2003, the Graduate Program in Sociology - PPGS, is linked to the Institute of Social Sciences - ICS, and its mission is to contribute to the institutionalization of Social Sciences in Northeast Brazil, through research, training of researchers and expansion dialogue with society, particularly in Alagoas and Northeastern, through extension projects. We support the continuous improvement of Sociology teaching in high school in Alagoas.

The course is recommended by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel - CAPES, with a grade of 4 (four), on a scale ranging from 1 (one) to 7 (seven).

The PPGS faculty develops and guides research, in addition to leading groups, laboratories and integrating research networks around the SOCIETY, CONFLICTS AND DEVELOPMENT area of ​​concentration. It is composed of 10 (ten) permanent professors and (4) four employees distributed in two lines, namely: a) Body, Culture and Knowledge and b) Conflicts, Power and Environment.

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